Is buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds a Good Idea?

The idea of feminize weed Seeds is a new wave of breeding techniques that makes growers plant seeds that are only females. The use of feminization is nothing new in fact it is a process that is called as "hermaphroditic breeding". It is a good idea to buy marijuana Seeds that are feminized because all female strains are a great smoke. Growing feminized seeds doesn't need any male plant to pollinize it.Just make sure that the seeds that you are going to buy are not exposed to direct sunlight or soaked in the rain because these factors decrease their germination rates.

Is buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds a Good Idea?

How do breeders create feminized marijuana plants?

Before you grow feminized seeds, it is a good idea that you should know how these seeds are created. The breeders would work the seeds off. Breeders would take the female plant and they make sure that the plant would become hermaphrodite. Creating pot seeds is done with rough growing conditions and a few involved chemicals. The most common chemical that is used when creating weed seeds that are feminized is the silver nitrate. This chemical will be diluted to the water and will then be sprayed into the plant during its early flowering cycle. The step will force the female plants to have small male flowers in their premature buds. Growing cannabis seeds that are feminized don't involve any male plant because that male flower will be the one who will do the pollination. Also, all feminized pot seeds have a 99% chance of creating feminized seeds when they are germinated.

Are there other ways to buy feminized pot Seeds?

It's not necessary that you buy seeds from a seed bank or an online store. You can influence the plant when they are seeding according to the Dutch Passion Seed Company. There are some environmental factors that you can adjust in order for the plant to have a higher chance of being a male or a female. When you increase the nitrogen concentration, weed seeds would tend to be more females. A higher concentration in potassium will give you more male cannabis seeds and a lower temperature can increase your chances of having feminized marijuana seeds. Aside from that, spectrums can also affect the plant's gender. You can increase the amount of blue light to have more females. Also, having a fewer hours of light would give you more females.

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