Introducing Positive Pests to Growing Marijuana Plants

One of the main concerns in growing marijuana whether indoor or outdoor is the threat of getting pests in the grow room or garden. It is a real problem that must be anticipated by the grower in any kind of set-up. No matter how clean is the environment, pests somehow find a way to introduce itself into the system and wreck havoc to the crops. Just like other plants, cannabis plants have natural enemies and foremost of which are pests. They may not appear to be present at first but somehow they just appear and for most weed plant growers, it is sometimes too late in the day to do something about them especially if the pot plants are already in the flowering stage.

Introducing Positive Pests to Growing Marijuana Plants

If you are growing marijuana plants and experienced having pests into your grow room, you have several options available to get rid of them if they are still within manageable levels. The first thing that must come to mind is to get rid of them in a natural way. This is the normal course of action and the first choice for growers who do not want to introduce chemical pesticides to their weed plants. One of the best ways to naturally eliminate pests from cannabis plants is to introduce beneficial pests to the infected plant.

Many weed growers prefer the use of lady bugs to get rid of pests. This type of bug loves to feast on aphids in particular. It is the most commonly used positive pest in the grow room and this is because they will devour most pests that destroy marijuana plants. When they finish the job of eradicating pests, they can easily be removed by means of vacuum and they can even be stored in a refrigerator for later use. Lady bugs are this versatile and that is why seasoned marijuana growers prefer to use them rather than chemical based insecticides.

If the lady bugs succeed in eliminating weed plant pests, will they eat the plant then?

Lady bugs are predators and not plant eaters so you can rest assured that they are not your problem.

Are there other natural ways to eliminate pests in my grow room?

There are a lot of ways to do it but it all starts with a clean environment. Even after the ladybugs have eliminated the pests, you should not stop there and make sure the mistakes are not repeated to avoid once and for all issues about cannabis pests.

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