Indispensable Steps on How to Clone Marijuana Plants

If you want to grow marijuana plants from cuttings made from a mother plant, there are some steps to follow to ensure that the process will turn out to be successful. Unlike germination where simple steps are being followed, the process involved in cloning is much more delicate and therefore proper care and attention must be followed.

Indispensable Steps on How to Clone Marijuana Plants

The Steps in cloning weed plants are:

Prepare the needed materials

You will need surgical or sanitized gloves, a razor sharp single edged blade, the grow medium which could be soil in styro cups or rock wool, clean water, and rooting gel.

Preparing for the cut

Assuming that you have already chosen the mother plant, next thing is choose from among its sprouts to make the cut. Choose a healthy sprout with healthy leaves. Do not cut from big stems with several sprouts as it is not the way to clone. Cloning is different from grafting.

Making the cut

Be careful not to touch the blade with your bare hands. Position the blade in a 45 degree angle and with on clean sweep cut the stem of the sprout downwards. Slice off the larger leaves and leave the tiny sprouts intact.

Applying the rooting Gel

The rooting gel is important in this regard to ensure that the cuttings will have what they need to take root immediately. Apply a generous amount of rooting gel all over the stem but be gentle at the same time because they are very sensitive at this stage.

Planting the Clone

With the soil preparation in a cup, insert your pinkie to make a hole about 1 inch. Put the clone in the hole and lightly tap the soil around it to make the cutting stand on its own. Water generously for the soil to settle down and compress the stem of the cuttings. After this, put the clone to a humidity dome for a few days with light of 20 hours per day.

My cutting small leaves sagged just after 2 days from being transplanted, what should I do?

Keep watering them on a daily basis but avoiding over-watering at the same time. This is expected somehow because of the shock it experienced but they are expected to recover.

Can I clone auto-flowering weed plants?

It is hard to grow cloned auto-flowering pot strains because they automatically leave the germination stage and flowers according to its age. It is not worth the time actually because you might just be wasting your time cloning auto-flowering cannabis plants.

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