Important Methods Used in Sexing Marijuana Plants

Sexing marijuana plants at an early stage is important to avoid pollination of its female counterparts. There are methods to do sexing and some of the more reliable means of doing this is shared here to serve as a guide especially to new growers. For those who have grown before and failed to maintain to have sensimilla cannabis plants because they failed to do the proper sexing in an appropriate time, it is helpful to consider the following methods in identifying the sex of your growing pot plants during the vegetation stage before it actually enters the flowering stage.

Important Methods Used in Sexing Marijuana Plants

Check the height of your weed plants

Male plants tend to grow faster than female ones so if you're growing in pots, it is better to separate them at this early stage of vegetation. This is assuming that you are growing the same strain and not different varieties. You have to do this as early as the vegetation stage and no longer wait for the flowering stage.

Males flower early than female

They are taller and flower early. So if you have a tall marijuana plant as compared to the others of the same strain and it starts to flower, chances are it is a male and must be separated but not yet destroyed unless you are certain they are really male cannabis plants.

Use a magnifying glass

Do not wait until your growing marijuana plants bloom. Use a magnifying glass and look at the calyx what shape it is starting to develop. If the calyx is up on a stem, then it could be a male if it is not, then it could be a female.

Take a cutting of your weed plant

This is one method of force flowering. Put the cutting in a glass of water and subject it to 12/12 light and dark cycle to force it to flower. There it will show its sex and once you determine it is a male, you can separate it already from the other growing marijuana plants.

Are there other methods used to determine sex of pot plants?

One is to wait for them to flower. But this could be too late because males flower earlier and females are a bit late so there could already be pollination as soon as the female weed plant blooms.

Are these methods 100% accurate?

These methods are not 100% accurate but it will give you a good chance of identifying the plants' sexes. As mentioned, don't destroy the marijuana plants earlier detected to be male so just separate them and put out only when you are already sure about their sex.

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