Important Methods in Sexing Marijuana Plants

There are two ways to grow marijuana. It can be bred, through seeds and it is called sexual propagation, which involves a male and a female plant. Cannabis is the kind of plant that has either a male or a female sex. The asexual method is called cloning. Although cannabis can be propagated asexually, it is still important for a grower to be able to distinguish a female from a male one. The reason why the sexes are identified is because the males have to be separated from the females to avoid accidental pollination. Pollination easily occurs because the pollen from the male plant is easily spread by the slightest wind. In the absence of a male plant, the female plant becomes a sinsemilla weed, which is the one preferred to be smoked.

Important Methods in Sexing Marijuana Plants

It is important that the sexes of these weeds are distinguished early. The best time to distinguish male from the female weed is on their flowering stage. Male marijuana plants are taller with stems that are fatter or stout compared to the female ones. On the flowering stage, their limbs will grow bud-like features that will hold the pollen. An indication that they are male is that their developed buds will not have white hair-like strands. On the other hand, the female marijuana plant, show signs of their sex later than the male ones, but normally they are shorter and leafier. On their flowering stage, which takes about 2-3 weeks later than the males, they grow buds that develop white fine hair-like features, which is a clear indication that they are female.

Is it possible to grow marijuana plants that are all female so that I don't have to waste time waiting for the flowering stage?

It is possible by cloning a female marijuana plant. The clone will have the same quality and potency of its origin no matter how many times you have cloned it. Moreover, the clone will surely have the same sex as the plant it was taken from.

How do you clone your marijuana plant?

Once you have identified the quality female plants, look for a sprout and cut an angle (not straight) using a razor. Do not touch the cut end of the sprout. Make sure that your hands are clean if you don't use surgical gloves. Then apply rooting gel to the root tip and put it is a small pot. Water your clones regularly or keep them in humidity domes.

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