Identifying Some Marijuana Plant Pests and How to Effectively Control Them

Getting infested with pests and bugs is a real threat when you are growing marijuana plants. Some bugs are so small you won't be able to see them unless you use a microscope and sometimes it is already too late to save the crops if no immediate remedy is applied. Let's look at some of the common pests and bugs that normally infest weed plants so you can familiarize with them and apply the necessary remedy when they occur.

Identifying Some Marijuana Plant Pests and How to Effectively Control Them

Spider mites and Bugs

Sometimes no matter how you try to avoid these parasites, they still find their way into your grow room. They are very resilient and once your cannabis plants are infected, you will need more than one session to eliminate them. Even if you regularly disinfect your crops, they could still re-appear because they don't necessarily need to stay with your weed plants and can even stay in one corner of the grow room that is not yet disinfected. Pests, bugs, and spider mites can multiply into millions in a matter of time especially if they are not immediately taken care of. One solution is to spray the cannabis plants with a solution but using chemical based insecticides are not recommended because they can affect the way buds and leaves will taste when smoked.

iticide spray is one way of the solutions that can be used in appropriate intervals but it is still not a guarantee in terms of total elimination. One way to prevent pests, bugs and mites is to take away rugs, carpets, and other materials that can induce them to take refuge in the grow room. Keeping away pets is also important because they carry parasites especially if they can go outside and get to carry them inside in the grow room. Start clean and always sanitize your grow room to avoid pests infesting your pot plants.

What is the natural way of preventing pests, bugs and mites from infecting my marijuana plants?

One way to control their spread is by the use of predator bugs. They will feast on bugs and mites and the infestation of weed plants can be controlled with good measure.

I have mites in my marijuana plants and they are already flowering, what should I do?

Harvest early if it is already possible. If not, get a very mild baby soap, mix in water till a bit bubbly and spray on the infected weed plants. A soap that has no strong chemicals and very mild can do the job.

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