How to Wrap or Pack your Marijuana Seeds for Storage

There are two ways for you to store cannabis seeds. One is through placing them in the refrigerator and one is simply placing the seeds in a cool and dark environment that is away from exposure to light. In storing pot seeds in a refrigerator, make sure that you will use an airtight container like Tupperware. It is advised that you will place a rice grain in the bottom of the container so that if there happens to be any moisture, the grains will absorb it rather than the seeds. You should place the weed seeds in a plastic or a film container then place it within the Tupperware. Make sure that you would watch for the temperature and humidity when storing seeds because they can affect the seeds directly. When the seed moisture is above 40 � 60%, germination can take place. If the moisture is 18 � 20 %, heating make may occur and if the moisture is 12 � 14%, there is a high chance that fungi has grown on or in the seed. Lastly, if there is a 8 � 9% moisture, insects can reproduce and may become active on the seed.

How to Wrap or Pack your Marijuana Seeds for Storage

How long the quality of the cannabis seeds lasts?

Marijuana seeds are very long lasting. Given that you will store them properly with the right climate and storage, seeds can last for many years. The way that you store them will affect the life of the seed. Also, humidity is another important factor when storing pot seeds because exposure to water or light can lessen the seed's quality. There are some growers who freeze the seeds and claims that it will last for about 10 years. The quality of the weed seeds only lessen when the seed received too much exposure to the light or it has been soaked in water for too long. That is why it is not a good idea to get the seeds that had been displayed on glass windows because they had been exposed to too much light.

How to store pot seeds the right way?

You should never store your cannabis seeds in the freezer. That is because too much freezing can damage the cellular structure of the marijuana seeds and will increase the chances that your seeds will not germinate properly. It is also recommended to label the bags where you store your weed seeds in order to see the distinction between the bags.

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