How to prepare marijuana plants for harvest

The most anticipated part of marijuana growing process is the harvesting phase. This is mainly the most rewarding part of the cannabis cultivation because you are finally gathering the fruits of your labor. To maximize your harvest in terms of both potency and quantity, there are a few preparations needed to be done. Firstly, don't let your excitement get over you. This is when your patience is required because upon seeing those magnificent ripened buds, we have the tendency to act impulsively. You need to prepare your vegetation at least two weeks before the actual harvest.

How to prepare marijuana plants for harvest

To flush out the toxins or chemicals left by fertilizers in the marijuana plants, it is best to use distilled water for your weeds. This should be done for at least ten days to ensure that the leave and buds are chemical and toxin-free upon harvest time.
A 24-hour dark period is recommended by experts before harvest time. This helps the pot plant in producing more resins. This makes your weed harvest more potent particularly the White strains. It can be done anytime within the two week preparation period.
A few days before harvesting your marijuana crop, you should stop watering the weeds to lessen moisture in the leaves. This helps in making the drying and curing process faster and easier. Just let the soil dry up but make sure that the cannabis plant will not go limp.
Prepare a big, dry and cold room for drying process after harvesting your marijuana buds and leaves. The area should be moisture free to avoid formation of mold and fungus. The other things needed are sharp scissors for cutting the stems and leaves, and clothesline or rope for hanging the harvested crop. You will also need paper bags or boxes if you are harvesting outdoor weed crop.

What do I cut first?

The two basic methods are cola harvesting and cutting the entire plant. In cola harvesting, you cut the buds from the branches individually and this is the more preferred method by growers. Drying and curing is faster if individual harvesting method is done as compared to drying the whole marijuana plant.

Can I add flavor or fragrance before harvest time?

You can schedule a watering before harvest time. Let the weeds dry out before using the solution for flavor or scent enhancer. This is easier if you are using soil as growing medium. Just always remember to use plain distilled water only at least two days before harvest.

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