How to Plant Marijuana Seeds in a Grow Box

Growing marijuana indoors does not require an expert to be successful. Everyone can do it actually with proper handling and monitoring. The following are the basic steps on how to grow marijuana seeds in a grow box.

Choose preferred cannabis seeds
Germinate the marijuana seeds
Plant the sprouts
Supply the plants with light
Choose a plant box / grow box
Fertilizers for the pot seeds

You'll start off with choosing your preferred cannabis seed. You'll have to choose from either going with sativa or indica. The two types of pot seeds have differences in terms of growth and characteristics. Sativa grows taller compared to indica, so most indoor planters prefer the indica type since it is much easier to handle shorter plants and requires less space. s

How to Plant Marijuana Seeds in a Grow Box

What should be done before planting pot seeds?

Before planting the weed seeds, you'll have to make that is has gone through the germinating process and to ensure that the cannabis seeds will produce a plant. Once you'll see a crack on the weed seeds, you may now place the weed seeds on a moist soil and add a little moist soil as well on top it.

Next is to ensure you supply the plant with sufficient light, and the commonly used is the fluorescent light. Hang the fluorescent lights at least two inches from the soil and up until the plant grows, increase another 2 inches above from the plant. As easy as that, you'll grow the pot seed into a marijuana plant. A few details though are needed to ensure quality and high-yield in a short span of time.

Why choosing the right soil, pot or container, and fertilizers are good in growing cannabis plants?

Some of these are choosing the best soil. Scrimping on the soil won't work in the long run. You'll end up getting parasites in it if you use unsterilized soil. The soil you choose should drain well and ph should be in between 6.5 and 7.5 and it should contain humus for moisture and nutrients retention.

Choosing proper container is also as critical as choosing the rest of the items needed. Container or grow boxes you'll use should be sterilized especially if they were already used previously for growing other kind of plants. Fertilizers also help the plant grow but too much of it may harm the plant as well. If you plan to use fertilizers on it, make sure to introduce the fertilizer to plant gradually.

By following these steps, you'll be as successful as any growers in cultivating marijuana seeds into a full grown plant.

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