How to know if your Marijuana Seeds are good for Outdoor or Indoor Growing

It is essential for a grower on which type of marijuana seed to plant and cultivate since there are several types of cannabis seeds available in the market. This would also depend on your growing goals. Several factors are to be considered on each type of pot seed for you to know if this is ideal for indoor growing or outdoor growing.

How to know if your Marijuana Seeds are good for Outdoor or Indoor Growing

Why choose Indica strains for Indoor Cannabis growing?

Most indoor growers prefer the indica type which produces broader leaves and buds but shorter in terms of plant height. You must have a complete control over on how tall your plants will grow. And you control this by how long you grow them before initiating flowering. Plant height has to be considered due to room and space availability when growing weed seeds indoors. Some marijuana seeds being used for indoor growing mature fasterwhich is feasible for most indoor growers and growing indoors won't be affected by climate change as artificial elements are being supplied thru artificial lighting and other garden equipment. Indica seeds are larger in size as well compared to Sativa seeds. They often have what appears like "zebra" stripes. This can also help you determine the origin and strain of seeds. A healthy cannabis seed appears to be plump, oily and healthy-looking.

Which marijuana strains are good for outdoor growing?

The Cannabis Sativa seed is best suited for outdoor growing. These pot seeds produces tall, hardy and with fluffy buds. Have short internodes between branches averaging from 2 to 3 inches. Its leaves are narrow and look like a finger with marble ´┐Żlike pattern. A Sativa seed tends to grow up to 25 feet long and they mature more quickly compared to the indica seeds. That is why these weed seeds are more preferred by most outdoor growers as these seeds mature more quickly compared to the indica type of seed. Most of the essential nutrients are being supplied by nature like sunlight, water and air. So outdoor growers will just have to monitor its balance since too much of these can also be harmful to the marijuana seeds.

It is important you choose cannabis seeds that are suited to the growing conditions of your area. Be it indoors or outdoors. Most important thing you'll have to consider is the condition, health and the type of pot seed that'll suit your setup. Also, as stated above, you'll have to consider several factors needed for your weed seed to grow into a full grown marijuana plant.

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