How to Identify Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds have two gender classifications, the male marijuana and the female marijuana seed. Both indica and sativa type class have female seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds are the type of seeds that were altered genetically from plants that are female. The mother plants are manipulated to keep them from being able to produce any male cannabis seeds. The pot seed that that undergone to these changes in genetics are only capable of producing female plant. This is why they call it feminized marijuana seeds.

How to Identify Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are more likely to develop and produce a higher percentage of female seeds. Male seeds produce a flower that fertilizes the female plant which develops bud and seeds. If you grow cannabis seeds that are all feminized, you will most likely to develop all female marijuana plant which will eventually produce female seeds as well. This will also save growers the hassle of identifying and separating the male plants in a group of crop before they can fertilize the females. The reason of this is also feminized seeds produce more plants without having to repeatedly buying weed seeds.

Seeds grow in the female flower / buds after each pollination with a male pollen. Thru this process, the male pollen determines the gender of a newly grown seed. And male pollens contains both male and female chromosomes, chances would be about 50% of male and female pot seeds. Female seeds have special abilities as compared to male seeds since they can change their gender in order to reproduce themselves if needed.

There are several ways of feminizing your pot seeds. One of these is "Rodelization", the method growers call "shocking" and the Colloidal Silver method. The aim for all these is to produce as much female plants and seeds during the cultivation period. It has been proven as well that female seeds produces female plants and in return as well produces high yield marijuana plant. A female seed also produces high level of THC which growers aim for during harvesting.

What can be the common physical classification of a feminized seed?

Feminized weed seeds have whiter and lighter tone compared to a male seed which has darker tone.

Why is it important to choose feminized seeds instead of male seeds?

A feminized weed seed produces plants with the same gender as the mother's and it bears better yield and with every feminized seeds will ensure that every seed you plant, it will return a bountiful harvest of cannabis buds.

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