How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds the Right Way

A proper process is important to be sucessful in germinating marijuana seeds or also known as cannabis sativa seeds, pot seeds or weed seeds. It is important that you make sure that your work area is clean and also, cleanliness should start with you as well. Wash your hands before preparing and working with the seeds. Since it has been proven that chemicals and even the nicotine in your hands (if you smoke) are harmful enough for both the marijuana seeds and the plant.
How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds the Right Way

To start with, you need the following items for this process: Glass, water (preferably distilled water), a plastic cup and most importantly, a paper towel.

There are two methods on how to germinate the seeds:
Using a paper towel
Placing the seeds directly to a cup of water
We will be discussing the paper towel method as this is the most reliable and trusted way on how to be successful in germinating your marijuana seeds.

First, get a few sheets of paper towels and place the seeds in between then wet the towel enough to make it moist but not the point of getting the towel soggy. Best way to do this is to spray it with a water mister. Make sure to get rid of excess water and then place it in a dark, warm place. Make sure temperature is at 18 to 25 degrees Celsius or 66 to 80 Fahrenheit.

Check the seeds at least a couple times a day to make sure that water in the paper towel has not dried out. If so, you may spray it with an ample amount of water enough to moist the paper towel back again. You may repeat the process of spraying the paper towel with water if necessary.

In approximately 24 to 48 hours or sometimes more, you should notice that the seeds should have a split and you'll see a tap-root staring to appear from the is recommended to have it reached to approximately 1cm before potting it. You should know if you have successfully germinated your marijuana seeds if you will see your seeds "popped" with a tap-root in the middle of the seed. Once popped, you are ready to plant into a medium of your choice.

Why place the seeds in a dark and warm area?

Temperature and humidity plays a vital part in order for your seeds to successfully germinate. It is recommended to place the seeds in an area with a temperature of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius or 66 to 80 Fahrenheit

Why is it important to use distilled water on the seeds?

It is recommended to use distilled water over tap or kitchen water since distilled water does not contain any harmful chemicals like chlorine and carbon to harm the seeds. You will be using water for the rest of the process until you will successfully germinate the marijuana seeds.

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