How to Determine if a Marijuana Strain is Versatile

Versatility is one important feature of any marijuana plant and is actually one of the main characteristics looked for by growers. There are many reasons that make a weed plant versatile and it is determined according to the needs of the planter in most cases. It will also depend on the particular variety where the strain came from that's why it is important to look at the ideal characteristics of the strain to be grown and decide if it is ideal for the growing system desired to be used before actually making a purchase.

How to Determine if a Marijuana Strain is Versatile

Outdoor Marijuana Plants

In an outdoor growing set-up, the versatility of the variety to be grown in terms of being exposed to the outside elements is important. Grown together with other plants, they can be exposed to parasites that can be found from other plants in the same garden. Though cannabis is generally a strong plant and can grow effectively in most outdoor setting, still it has natural enemies that could spell disaster to its growth if not properly checked. To minimize the possibility of not getting the best out of the growing weed plant, the grower must choose a variety that has strong resistance against pests. Another sign of versatility is when it can flourish without much need for additional nutrients and can survive on its own by relying mostly on the natural food available in an outdoor environment.

Indoor Pot Plants

Indoor growing has made possible the use of different growing methods like Hydroponics, Sea of Green, SCROG, and several others. It is then important to choose a strain that can adapt to different grow systems whether hydro, soil or coco. A lot of hybrids are capable of adapting to several indoor growing techniques so it becomes easy for the grower to choose which is best under a given situation.

Indoor and Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Perhaps this is the most ideal for any grower to choose. If a pot plant is versatile enough to be grown in both indoor and outdoor setting, then it's like having the best of both worlds. There are even varieties that can adapt to different growing techniques preferred by some commercial weed growers.

Why are there indoor and outdoor growing marijuana plants?

We all know that all plants are best grown in an outdoor setting but this is no longer always true as there are hybrid cannabis strains that can be grown in both settings. This is the result of hybridization in most cases where breeders fuse in one strain both indoor and outdoor characteristics in terms of growing.

How can I identify if a marijuana strain is good for indoor or outdoor growing?

It's easy. If you're going to buy from a reputable seedbank or breeder, they will readily tell by means of the specifications if a particular strain is for both indoor and outdoor growing so you are properly guided.

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