Different Marijuana Growing Medium for a Successful and Productive Harvest

The traditional way of growing plant is by using soil as the medium. The soil has micro nutrients that are very essential to the plant. That is why growers that use different growing medium have a different set of fertilizers in order to provide those nutrients. There are many growing mediums organic or man-made. When it comes to growing mediums for weeds, each of them has different properties. You need to choose among those pot growing mediums which one will fit perfectly in your growing setup. You need to consider the price, characteristics and advantages and disadvantages before buying.

Different Marijuana Growing Medium for a Successful and Productive Harvest

What are the different kinds of cannabis growing medium?

There are at least hundreds of different kinds of mediums available in the market today. In fact, any medium that a plant can use in order to grow can be considered as a growing medium for weeds. There is the oasis cube which are very light-weight because it is designed for improved propagation. Coconut fiber is the very first totally organic medium that can provide top performance. The traditional growing medium is the perlite which was used mostly for soil additive which increases aeration. Vermiculite on the other hand is a mined mineral that is used as a way to complement perlite.

Are there any other kinds of growing mediums for marijuana?

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can use soilless mix that can contain different ingredients like Spaghnam moss, perlite and vermiculite. Expanded clay pellets are also widely used because of its amazing property when it comes to air circulation. There is also the famous Rockwool, gravel, saw dust, fiberglass insulation, and sand and lava rock. Water is another kind of growing medium for cannabis. It is used by hydroponic growers. If you cannot find the right combination of growing medium for your current setup, it is advised that you should experiment and mix your own growing medium.

Where can you buy quality weed growing medium?

Growing medium can affect the growth of your plant. That is why it is recommended that you will choose to buy mediums that are of quality. You can visit online shops that have pot growing mediums for sale at very low prices or if you want you can visit hardware shops. Gardening centers often offers mediums also. If you plan to use organic medium, better to buy it directly from the farm or center. That is to ensure the freshness and quality. When you choose to use growing mediums for marijuana that are man-made, you can get it directly from the manufacturer's shop.

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