Getting to know more about Hybrid Marijuana Strains before growing them

Most of the marijuana strains available for sale online are already hybrids or crosses between different strains. Though there are several varieties of indica and sativa landrace strains, their number still are not that many. There are right now more than 3000 strains available worldwide so the marijuana grower has a wide plethora of strains to choose from and grow. But it is also important to have a proper understanding on what kinds of hybrids are available in the market so you know what to expect when you grow them later.

Getting to know more about Hybrid Marijuana Strains before growing them

Landrace Marijuana Plants

These are the pure varieties that have not been touched genetically or hybridized. When someone says they sell landrace strains, it means you are buying an excellent weed plant to grow because it is pure and like an heirloom. But there is also a claim that hybrids that have been preserved and not crossed for a long time with a different strain gets to have landrace qualities but this is not fully supported by scientific studies. For a weed plant to be a pure landrace, it must have been in its original state and not crossed with a different breed.

Hybrid cannabis plants

When a strain is crossed with another variety, it becomes a hybrid. The first hybridization process makes it such. Thus a hybrid is the result of crossing two pure landraces. The resulting offspring is what is now known as a hybrid. True breeding parents will produce offsprings that will carry the special characteristics of both parents. Thus, if one has great taste and the other has excellent potency, then the offspring must possess both qualities or else, breeders will continue the breeding and back crossing if necessary to come up with a stabilized and true hybrid strain.

Is in-breeding part of the hybridization process?

Yes. When you say hybrid, it is used in general terms that include in-breeding and backcrossing or crossing back to the parent the resulting offspring. This is to get the desired traits from the ultimate strain trying to be produced and may require several generations before the genetics can be stabilized.

What are F1, F2, F3 strains? Is there such a thing or just for marketing purposes?

There are such strains as F1, F2, and so on. F1 stands for "filial generation" and the result of crossing two hybrid strains that have come from an IBL (in-bred line). There are a good number of IBLs that are very popular nowadays and as mentioned earlier, the result of crossing many strains in order to produce the desired traits in one cannabis plant.

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