Germinating Marijuana Seeds Using Paper Towel

This growing step is very vital. A single mistake can affect the quality of the plant and will likewise affect the quality of the harvest. Germinating cannabis seeds is the process wherein growers will sprout the seeds in order to plant them to their corresponding growing mediums. The key to germination is the moist and the warmth of the environment. Note that germinating pot seeds on higher humidity are better. If the seed roots break through the shell and do not get that much moisture, then most likely, the seed will die. You may want to place a warm light over when germinating weed seeds in order to keep them warm.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Using Paper Towel

What is the importance of water in germinating cannabis seeds?

The presence of water when germinating marijuana seeds is very important. The hard shell that coats the seeds is designed to prevent water from getting into the embryo which is needed to start the growth mechanism. The hard coatings that can be found when you are to germinate pot seeds can be soften with the use of water. On the other hand, the seeds that have a thin coating will also need water for nutrition absorption. The entire germination process is based on weed seeds absorbing lots of water which activates the metabolic functions that are needed by the plant for growth and germination.

How to germinate pot seeds the successfully?

Note that germinating marijuana seeds is a very important step in successfully growing your seeds. Make sure that you will prepare the things that you will need for this step such as the paper plate, paper towel and a large zip top bag. The first step in germinating cannabis seeds is towet the paper towel and then place it on the paper plate that you have prepared. The next step will require you to place the seeds on top with gaps between them. Make sure to not place them so close around each other. You have to wet the next paper towel next and place it on top of the weed seeds. The seeds should be sandwiched between the two wet paper towels and is resting on the plate. Next is to enclose the plate within the zip bag but do not sip it closed. You have to place the bag under the light for two to three days. Make sure that you will not peek or mess with the contents for at least two days.

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