Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Rockwool

When you plan to have a successful growing with your seeds then make sure that you will do well with the germination process. There are many ways for you to successfully germinate cannabis seeds. The most common is with the use of a paper towel. The paper towel will be soaked in water and sandwich the seeds between two sheets and will be placed within a plate. The plate will then be placed into a plastic. Once done, the plastic will be placed under the light for 2 � 3 days and that's it. Aside from that, you can also make use of Rockwool when germinating pot seeds. The approach is not that different with the paper towel. Whatever you choose, make sure that you will not screw germinating the weed seeds because it can affect the quality of the harvest.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Rockwool

How to germinate cannabis seeds with Rockwool?

Make sure to get only quality Rockwool when you plan to use it for germinating marijuana seeds. You can get one of hydroponics stores. It is required that you would use small cubes of Rockwool. For your safety, make sure that you will not breathe in the fumes that come from the Rockwool when it is dry. To germinate pot seeds with Rockwool, you must first soak it for a few hours or even longer. When you bought the ones without holes then use a toothpick to make a hole. Drop the weed seed into the hole had push it further till it reaches the bottom part. After that, place the cubes into your window ledge and wait for a few days. Note that separating the young plant from the Rockwool can be hard so this germinating option is ideal when growing with hydroponics.

Is it important to germinate weed seeds?

Of course it is! Whatever you cannabis seeds are, it is always important to germinate them successfully. Regardless of the fact that your seeds are indica, sativa or ruderalis, make sure that you will be sprouting them right or else your harvest will be lessen. Germinating marijuana seeds is wherein the seeds will grow roots that will feed the embryo. The key to this process is moisture and warmth. The quality of the plant depends solely on this step so make sure that you will not screw it up. Even feminized and auto flowering strains will find it hard to have high yields when you fail in germinating the pot seeds.

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