Using Fluorescent Lights in Growing Marijuana Indoors

The use of this kind of lighting fit perfectly when you are growing starters or seedlings. Aside from that, the use of Fluorescent Lights for marijuana is common with plants that require low-lighting. These lightings have low intensity levels that are required to be placed 8" of the plants for effective use. However, using Fluorescent Lights for cannabis during flowering is not a good idea because these kinds of lights have low lumen output which is not suitable for growing plants that are in their budding stage.

Using Fluorescent Lights in Growing Marijuana Indoors

What are the differences between Fluorescent Lights for cannabis and LED lights?

LED lights and pot fluorescent Lights are the two major artificial lights that are being used today in growing plants indoors. LED lights can last up to 60, 000 hours while the fluorescent lights can last only about 10,000 hours. In terms of energy consumption, the LED lights will require only half of the wattage required by the weed fluorescent lights. As long as energy consumption is concerned, LED lights are five times more efficient. However, when you compare these two to the traditional artificial lighting which is the incandescent bulbs, both of them are more efficient.

What are compact fluorescents and want are its benefits?

Fluorescent lights weren't that famous back in the days because of the low light scale it can give to the plants. With the new CFL of the Compact Fluorescent Lights for pots, it can already cover a full spectrum of lights that are needed by the plants. Also, this kind of artificial lighting produces minimal heat. You can place the Compact Fluorescent Lights for weeds very close to the plant in order to save space and deal with the heat extraction problems. This kind of lighting is already self-ballasted and has a very high lumen output. You can use this lighting either during vegetation or the flowering period.

Where to buy quality Fluorescent Lights for marijuana at very low prices?

There are many places where you can get good artificial lightings for growing plants. You can look for online shops which sell Fluorescent Lights for cannabis for low cost along with other growing equipment's or you can just go to a hardware store. It is always better to invest in lighting equipment rather than sacrifice the quality of your plant. You can buy Fluorescent Lights for marijuana online by going to an online head shop to get the best deals you can find. Ordering from an online head shop is a good idea because they offer kits and bundles that can really save you some cash. Choosing the right kind of artificial light is a key element when it comes to growing pot plants indoors.

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