Finding the Best Marijuana Seed Strains to Grow

The first step for growing your own buds is to select and obtain good marijuana seed strains. This is the most important step in achieving the highest quality and quantity yields is by starting with the right selection of pot seed strains. Most strains of marijuana are derived from two species of cannabis; they are the Cannabis Indica and the Cannabis Sativa. Both of these weed seed strains have very unique characteristics that affect the user differently.

What are Cannabis Indica Seed Strains?

Cannabis Indica strains are easier to grow and don't get as tall as the Cannabis Sativa strains. They tend to be bushier and are recommended to be grown further apart. They are usually thick and strong and can withstand cold compared to Sativa type. Overall they are tougher than the Sativa family. These types of pot seed strain are also suitable for new and inexperienced growers. Cannabis Indica also produces a higher yield and is much easier to grow. It has shorter plant height that grows and matures faster.

What are Cannabis Sativa Seed Strains?

Cannabis Sativa Strains has higher THC content and has lower CBD levels compared to its counterpart Indica. These types of pot seed strains grow very quickly and can reach the heights of 20 feet to a single season. The buds are long and thin, far less densely populated than the Indica. It has longer in length and could sometimes reach up to 3 feet. Maturation time varies considerably. The Sativa type weed seed strains takes longer to mature, has less chlorophyll and requires more light.

Genetics determine the quality and characteristics of maturing plants, so you would want to look for are strains with a favourable genetics. Fast growth, aroma, potency and early maturation and resistance to fungus and pests are signs of a good start. Best marijuana seeds comes from the best plants so as they say. Some variety is either "pure" species or a "crossbred". Examples of these are Pure Sativa Seeds and Pure Cannabis Seeds. But some growers often cross each type. The important thing to remember is to select the best cannabis seeds and do not settle for anything less.

There are several factors to consider before you decide on which type of marijuana seed strain you will grow be it indoors or outdoors. There are a lot of cannabisseed strains available in theweed seed banks as well and each of those has different and unique characteristics depending on the grower's preference.

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