Ebb and Flow System for Growing Marijuana using Hydro

Undoubtedly the most popular among the different hydro systems in growing marijuana plants, ebb and flow hydroponic system is preferred by most growers because it is more efficient and economical if there are more weed plants to be grown in one batch. The costs involved in the initial set-up can immediately be recovered depending on the number of pot plants that can be accommodated in one set-up. But what exactly an ebb and flow system of hydroponics and what is the principle behind it? There are two types of ebb and flow and they are the table and bucket systems. Both have the same principle so knowing one will necessary translate to also knowing the other. Let us have a quick look at how it works.

Ebb and Flow System for Growing Marijuana using Hydro

Growing medium

The marijuana plants must be resting its roots on a growing medium which is not soil. It could be rockwool, coco coir, perlite, moss, and many other growing mediums that can be used in a hydro system.


There must be a water reservoir. Nutrients are mixed in water and it will go through the bed where the growing medium is situated. Water flows through the bed of the table and reaches a certain level enough for the roots to be submerged and feed on the nutrients. After sometime and based on a timed flooding of the roots, water is drained to a waiting reservoir. It is a cycle actually that will start every so often as determined to be appropriate by the grower and according to the needs to feed by the weed plants.

The principle basically relies on water to deliver the nutritional requirements of marijuana plants. Instead of the soil being the medium, roots are made to grow in a different medium which allows the nutrients to stay on even after the water is drained and the roots can continue to feed. The ebb and flow is a low maintenance hydro system and yet very effective for growing cannabis plants.

What is the best growing medium to be used in an ebb and flow system of weed growing?

There are no specific mediums that must be used but rockwool and perlite are two of the more popular mediums used for pot plants to take root.

How often should I flood the tray?

The frequency of flooding is based on the needs of the growing marijuana plants. Make sure that your growing weed plants leaves are not yet drooping before the next flooding.

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