Difference Between Growing from Regular and Feminized Marijuana Plants

In growing marijuana plants, there are some considerations that must be remembered in terms of growing weed plants that came from a regular seed package versus a feminized strain. This is important because the care that must be exercised between the two differs in some respect.

Difference Between Growing from Regular and Feminized Marijuana Plants

Growing from regular seeds package

When growing marijuana plants of this category, take note that there is a chance that 50% of the weed plants may turn out to be male. Male cannabis plants have very little THC content and therefore has almost no commercial value. Thus, the male plants must be separated during the pre-flowering stage just about when they are identified. If male plants are allowed to bloom alongside females, they will release pollen and pollinate the female plants. Once they are pollinated, the female plants will start to produce seeds instead of THC substance thereby losing its supposed potency. For commercial and smoking purposes only those with high THC content should be produced so the grower must be able to immediately identify the male plants while they are not yet fully flowered.

Growing from Feminized pot strain

Growing from feminized strain ensures that the weed plants are all female. Without male plants pollinating them, they will not produce seeds and will be called sensimilla. This is the ideal cannabis plant to grow as the THC content is higher and therefore desired by all pot smokers. The grower however must maintain a steady light cycle or pattern to prevent the occurrence of hermaphrodites. Other stressful conditions may also result in hermaphrodites. The way to prevent this from happening first and foremost is to grow only recognized genetically stable feminized strains from a respected breeder. Feminization is not a natural occurrence as the word suggests. It is a chemically induced process that ensures the seed is female when grown.

How is marijuana feminized?

There are several method used and one of which is using a solution to create female pollen that is then delivered to a dioecious plant. This later plant will produce only female seeds.

How can I recognize male and female weed plants?

Just before flowering, male cannabis will grow balls while females will grow pistils usually in two's. It is fairly easy to identify actually. If the marijuana plant has both balls and pistils on the balls, then it is a hermaphrodite and must also be taken away because it will also pollinate female plants.

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