Controlling and Avoiding Pests and Diseases in Growing Marijuana Plants

Just like any other plant, cannabis has many natural enemies during its growth cycle. Pests and diseases are common especially in some strains and the grower must be wary of these parasites that can ruin their garden. To an inexperienced grower, it is easy to lose sight of this fact especially if he/she is not familiar with the possibility of getting pests and diseases in cannabis plants. There are for sure remedies when pests strike the grow room or garden as there are a lot of commercially available pesticides in the market that the grower can use to save his weed plants. But as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and this is also true with pot growing in most cases.

Controlling and Avoiding Pests and Diseases in Growing Marijuana Plants

You have to be very vigilant and visit your grow on a daily basis to see if they are showing any signs of infestation. If not monitored the earliest possible opportunity, it could already be late in the day to save the growing weed plants and all the efforts to grow will just go to waste. A lot of marijuana growers realized this only when its already late and they feel sorry that they did not do anything when they first saw the signs of pest infestation and just relied on the claim that cannabis plants are naturally strong and can survive just about anywhere as claimed by some growers.

When it comes to diseases, weed growers have more concern because unlike pests that are generally borne by the deficiencies in the growing environment, diseases have two reasons of occurring because they can be genetically induced as well as also introduced to the growing environment. It all starts with right genetics and this is especially true with cloned marijuana plants.

What are ways to prevent pests from invading my grow room?

Your grow room must be sanitized and all possible sources of pest infestation must be taken out. Start with an ideal soil that is free from parasites and always maintain a clean growing environment for your marijuana plants.

What should I do if my weed plants get pests while flowering?

You have to harvest immediately to prevent the remaining buds without pests from getting infected. Using pesticides on buds is not advisable as it might affect the taste of buds when smoked so early harvesting is needed.

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