Choosing which to grow between Sativa and Indica Marijuana Strains

For first time cannabis growers, it is a toss-up between sativa and indica or hybrid strains particularly on which grows best and easily. There are also those who consider the potency as well as those who prefer popular strains for commercial purposes. In choosing which between sativa, indica or a hybrid of these two should be grown , it is important to consider the following:

 Choosing which to grow between Sativa and Indica Marijuana Strains

The wrong idea about Space Limitation

For most growers especially first-timers, space is always a major part of decision making. If you have a small space and at the same time would want to keep it a secret, then short strains may be proper. Indicas grow from short to a medium height so there is not much problem with space. Though they tend to be wide, this can be remedied through cuttings and training the weed plant. But the same is also true with sativa varieties as they can also be trimmed to prevent from growing too tall. So space limitation is not really a problem when it comes to growing weed plants. You can grow it just about anywhere as long as there is some privacy. The ultimate consideration then should be the high that a cannabis plant can give when smoked. After all, what makes a particular strain popular is mainly because of the high that it gives and not really how easy or difficult it is grown.

The High when smoked

Sativa marijuana gives an energetic, uplifting cerebral high. It has more of the THC and lower CBD contents. It is good for daytime smoke as long as the THC is not too high as to induce hallucinations. The lower the CBD, the more uplifting it becomes.

Indica is exactly the opposite of sativa not only in the way they physically differ but also in the high when smoked. Indica induces a stoned feel that translates into a relaxing effect. Strong indicas have a narcotic buzz that can make you drop like a log and go to deep sleep. This is because indicas have higher CBD than THC. Higher CBD induces the stoned heavy feeling with a relaxing physical effect.

Which is easier to grow between sativa and indica? There are strong characteristics inherent in both varieties so it will depend on your knowledge in terms of marijuana cultivation. If you want early finishing strains, you can go for the hybrid of both varieties.

What is the high when sativa and indica are crossed?

If the crossing resulted in almost balanced sativa and indica genes, then expect the best of both worlds in terms of head and body high.

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