Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain for a SCROG Growing Method

The screen of green method of growing marijuana plants is one of the preferred methods of growers because it enables the weed plant to give higher yield under this method and at the same time gives the grower ample control on how the plant should grow. To grow using this method however, it is still important for the grower to identify which strains can best adapt to this method. This is because not all varieties of cannabis can adjust effectively to the training involved in a SCROG set-up.

Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain for a SCROG Growing Method

With big breeders of marijuana, they readily identify if their strain can adapt to a screen of green method but this is not true in the case of most breeders so the grower must be able to identify for himself through suggestions from those who have earlier grown the same strain or through forum and reviews made by other growers. To be sure, here are some of the characteristics of pot strains that can easily adapt to this method of growing.

Short to medium weed plants

Auto-flowering varieties and most indica plants can generally adapt to a SCROG method. This is because they are naturally short in height and there is not much stress to be experienced in terms of the training involved. They are naturally bushy and just have to be guided to the holes of the screen. Also, it is easier to expose them to proper lighting in the case of non auto-flowering strains because they tend to grow and spread laterally instead of vertically. These natural characteristics make them ideal for a screen of green set-up.

Indoor varieties

Since SCROG is generally done indoors, it is better to grow marijuana plants that are especially meant for an indoor set-up. Since this method of growing can be used in almost any growing system like hydroponics, it is best to consider this possibility in choosing the ideal pot strain to grow.

Can a SCROG set-up be done outdoors?

There is no prohibition in doing the SCROG method of growing outdoors but it could tke much longer for the weed plants to finish vegetation in such instance. At most, the benefit would only be being able to prevent to some extent the pot plant from getting tall.

How should I train my marijuana plants for an SCROG set-up?

As a start, put the screen above the growing weed plants about 8 to 12 inches higher to allow your hands to get in between the wire and the tops of the plant. As they grow, guide the branches and stems through the hole. Pruning the bottom leaves is necessary and so are top leaves when they cover the buds during flowering.

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