Choosing Between Organic and Chemical Based Insecticides for Marijuana plants

When pests, bugs, mold and other parasites attack the growing marijuana plant, you will be faced with the question of how to properly and immediately eradicate them from your plant's system. It is like pressing the panic button or making an SOS sign when parasites start to infect your weed plants and a lot of growers, in a hurry to save their cannabis plants will use any means necessary to control the onslaught of pests in their growing environment.

Choosing Between Organic and Chemical Based Insecticides for Marijuana plants

To use organic or chemical based pesticides is a concern especially for beginners in the field of marijuana cultivation. The proponents of organic growing of weed plants have partially succeeded in demonizing the use of chemical based insecticides and the believers to their side are growing by the day. Be that as it may a lot of growers still use synthetic chemicals as pesticides to get rid of pests, bugs, mold and fungi that attack their pot plants because it is faster and does the job as promised. The formulation of insecticides with chemicals is a lot potent and can eliminate the parasites immediately thus saving the growing or flowering marijuana plants in a short period of time.

As for organic pesticides, they are not always as effective though they can get the job done but not as fast in many instances. But the help it does to the environment as well as in terms of maintaining the original taste of cannabis buds when smoked is unchallenged. With all of the pros and cons in the use of both organic and chemical based pesticides in growing marijuana plants, it is the grower who must decide in the end which is best in his particular situation. What is important is to identify the parasite infecting the pot plants and apply the necessary pesticides according to what is best under the circumstances. There is even a pattern used by growers and it is by first using organic and if it is not enough, then chemical pesticides as a last resort.

Which is cheaper between organic and chemical based pesticides?

Commercially available organic pest control solutions are most of the time more expensive depending on the brand to be used. Those who want to save on money just use homemade organic remedies.

What are the homemade solutions I can make to control pests in my growing marijuana plants?

The use of pepper sprayed to weed plants is one. It is a good technique to prevent bugs from infesting your pot plants. You may need to do this every now and then especially if you're growing outdoors because rain can wash them away immediately.

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