Cannabis Cup Winning Seeds and Strains

Every year, the cannabis community would throw many different festivals and conventions in which the cups and awards are presented to excellent marijuana seeds and strains. This covers the indica, sativa and ruderalis strains. This also includes the autoflowering and feminized strains. The cannabis seeds and strains will be judge depending on many different categories that covers the different methods in growing like hydroponic and organic and indoor and outdoor. Many seed banks strive hard in order to make their own line of pot seeds and strains win in several categories. The weed seeds and strains are awarded during Cannabis Cups because of their excellent traits and yields that can please any grower and smoker.

Cannabis Cup Winning Seeds and Strains

What is Cannabis Cup?

Cannabis Cup is an event wherein many different growers, breeders and smokers gather. During this gathering, several awards will be given to different marijuana seeds and strains due to their outstanding traits and characteristics. The awards have different categories that change yearly. The usual categories for the cannabis seeds and strains are usually the Indica Cup, Sativa Cup, Import Hash Cup and then the Neder Hash, Product Cup and the Glass Cup. There are still many different categories for weed seeds and strains that are being added every year. This gathering in the cannabis industry takes place usually during November in Amsterdam. During this event, many judges around the world are free to sample and vote for their preferred pot seeds and strains. However, there are a different group of VIP judges who decide which seed company is able to grow the best strain.

Is it a good thing to get winning marijuana seeds?

It is always a good idea to try out cannabis seeds and strains that are Cannabis Cup winners. This is a good choice of strain especially if you are a beginner. These pot seeds and strains are not awarded for simple reasons. They are winners because of their exceptional qualities meaning they are a good starter strain. Also, when you decide to grow weed seeds and strains that are Cannabis Cup Winners, you are sure of your harvest given that you will be providing the right growing environment. There is no point in growing a Cannabis cup winning pot seed when you will be causing it a stressful growing environment. No matter how high is the quality of your seed, if you don't provide it with its needs and cause it too much stress, then your harvest are likely to lessen.

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