Can You Bring Marijuana Seeds To America

Despite the issues about the legality of marijuana, there are still several seed banks selling pot seeds online and in local areas. Selling of marijuana seeds is a big business in the online cannabis industry and in some local areas because of high demand from several medical cannabis users and those who want to grow cannabis seeds for an all-year round supply of buds for recreational purposes. A lot of people are asking if bringing seeds of marijuana to America from other countries is permitted. Unfortunately, marijuana growing and use are still not permitted in America and several countries in the world so carrying seeds going to these countries might put yourself at risk of being caught by authorities.

Can You Bring Marijuana Seeds To America

Weed seeds are usually sourced from online seed banks but there are also several pot retailers in you locals where you can purchase your seeds from. These seed banks are usually located outside the US because even with the medical benefits that had helped many patients, the legality of marijuana still remains to be a debate up to these days. You cannot bring cannabis seeds and buds to America because until now, the use of marijuana is still illegal in this place and in Canada and United Kingdom even for medical purposes.

If you are traveling back to America from another country like Netherlands, bringing seeds of cannabis might get you in trouble at the airport. Although sniffing dogs and airport authorities may not easily recognize marijuana seeds by smell unlike the buds that produced strong weed odor, it is best to put yourself out of trouble. Cannabis seeds do not give a pungent smell like buds do but it is better to play safe than be sorry for being caught by authorities and put in jail for illegal carrying of pot seeds to America. Buy seeds from local weed sources that can supply you high quality seeds you can grow in your own private garden.

Is It Legal To Carry Pot Seeds To America?

Transporting weed seeds to America is still illegal. Some seed banks will not ship order of seeds not only to America but also to countries like Canada and United Kingdom. Even if carrying seeds of marijuana is not permitted in America, this doesn't stop several weed enthusiasts from bringing and selling these stuffs.

Are There Seed Banks In America Selling Weeds Seeds?

For those living in the US, seeds of pot can be purchased from local dealers in a discrete and private way to avoid getting trouble with authorities. There are several seed banks selling high quality pot seeds both for indoor and outdoor growing but none of them are located in America. Seed banks are usually located outside America and some of them do not ship seeds in this country.

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