Buying Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

When you decide to grow marijuana seeds, you must first know your source of the seeds. There are a lot of places that you can visit such as the retail shops in your neighborhood and see what they have to offer. The best thing to do when you plan on buying pot seeds is to get them online. The online shop will be able to offer you a wide selection of weed seeds that came from many different seed banks. When you choose to get the seeds online, make sure that you will be getting from shops that have a good reputation. You can go on forums and several chat rooms to ask for opinions of other growers. Note that some of the online shops give away free seeds in every purchase.

Buying Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

How to buy Marijuana seeds online?

To get the seeds you need online, first you need to know which kind of strain you will grow. Cannabis seeds have many different kinds such as indica, sativa and ruderalis. There are also feminized and auto flowering version of the strains. Some strains are awarded during the Cannabis Cup because of their excellent characteristics which makes them a good choice for a starter strain. When you know which pot seeds you will get, then you have to look for a place that can give you the best possible deal. The number of seeds that are sold in every pack can vary from one store to another same goes for the number of free seeds. When checking out, it is advised to use a prepaid credit card. If you cannot get a hold of one, then use a business credit card and not a personal one. Make sure to place a valid address and choose a delivery option that will not require any signature when you receive the weed seeds.

Are there different kinds of seed companies that have pot seeds for sale online?

There are many kinds of seed companies in the cannabis industry. There are those that create their own variations of weed seeds. They are the ones who introduce new strains which are most of the time improvement of an existing strain. There are seed companies that only sell a wide selection of marijuana seeds. Lastly, there are seed companies that do this both. They sell and at the same time create new weed seeds.

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