Buy Pot Seeds Online and Get Free Weed Seeds: Is it true?

When you get the seeds that you need from certain online shops and seed outlet stores, you can get free cannabis seeds. These seeds are sure to be of quality and are no lesser than the ones that are for sale. It is also a good idea to get this kind of offers because it is very practical. The free marijuana seeds can be indica, ruderalis or sativa. They can also be a regular male or feminized strain. Some online shops even include seeds of strains that won in Cannabis Cup. The seed banks often have this kind of strategy as a way for them to introduce a new marijuana hybrid into the public. Also, giving away free seeds can easily build a trust connection between the seller and the buyer.

Buy Pot Seeds Online and Get Free Weed Seeds: Is it true?

How to know if the online shop that has marijuana seeds for sale is a real deal?

If you are in doubt whether the outlet store or the online shop's promo is real or not, it may be a good idea to ask around. You can ask other growers who often get the seeds they need from that shop or go to forums and read on threads that talks about the experiences of many different growers with such promo. The popular online shops and seed outlet stores usually has this kind of marketing strategy. They give their customers free cannabis seeds in order to build a strong connection and gain their trust. You can also read customer reviews that are sometimes displayed on the site. These reviews often contain feedbacks regarding the free pot seeds that they receive or their experience with the store.

How to buy cannabis seeds online and get free pot seeds?

In order to get free weed seeds, you just have to get the seeds you need from the online shop that has that kind of promo. You do not need some sort of membership or any history within the online shop or retail outlet store in order to get the free marijuana seeds. You can search the strain that you want to grow, find the seeds, add them to your cart and then check out after. The free pot seeds will be added automatically in your package. Note that the free weed seeds that you will be receiving are chosen at random.

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