Best Ways to Grow Landrace Marijuana Strains.

Even with so many hybrid marijuana strains proliferating worldwide, the appeal of landrace strains has not actually waned and there are still a lot of growers who prefer to grow weed plants the all-natural way. They begin with a true landrace variety and start the growing adventure from there. There are to be sure some disadvantages of growing weed plants that are pure landrace as compared to hybrids. For one, they do not fare well in an indoor set-up. But if the purpose is to go all-natural then there is no substitute for outdoor growing of cannabis plants where they will grow in their natural environment.

Best Ways to Grow Landrace Marijuana Strains.

Landrace marijuana plants are not hybridized. It's either they are sativa, indica or ruderalis. This is because breeding has been limited to its own kind so the moment it is bred with another strain, say an indica, it loses its being pure and becomes a hybrid even though the indica parent is also a pure landrace. When growing weed plants that came from a landrace strain, it should be given all the time to finish both its vegetative and flowering stages. To force them to flower is not good idea especially in terms of yield because they cannot be expected to produce buds to its maximum potential if they did not have enough time to finish.

Sativa landrace strains

They are best grown in tropical climates with lots of sunlight and warm weather. In their pure form, sativa can grow as high as 20 feet. They also take time to mature and reach the flowering stage. The same is true with the blooming stage as they will also take time to finish it.

Indica Landrace strains

Cannabis indica plants are best grown in temperate climates. They don't grow too tall and the most that they can reach is 8 feet in some cases. Most stay in the range of 4 to 6 feet only and has shorter flowering maturation.

Should landrace cannabis be grown directly in the ground?

Not necessarily especially if you are talking about indica strains. But for sativa, since they grow really big, might as well plant them directly into the ground.

How do I know if a strain is really a landrace strain?

You will never know unless you actually grow it. First order of the day should be to buy only from a credible breeder or seedbank. If you can do this, then you have a very good chance that it is really a landrace.

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