Advantages and Dis-advantages of Planting Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Deciding to grow marijuana seeds indoors are an important consideration to take since growing cannabis seeds indoors have its pros and cons. important factors have to be resolved before starting or buying pot seeds of your preference as some seeds are better suited for outdoors and not for indoor growing.

Advantages and Dis-advantages of Planting Cannabis Seeds Indoors

What are the Advantages of Growing Weed Indoors?

Growing marijuana seeds indoors are becoming more popular nowadays. The biggest benefit of growing cannabis seeds indoors is that growers have 100% control over the environment that affects the growth of the seed and then eventually to a plant. Light, nutrients, temperature and other factors can be easily regulated by the grower. Light source can easily be supplied by using incandescent or fluorescent lamps as a substitute for sunlight. Temperature can also be controlled by artificial lights and exhaust or ventilation devices. Fertilizers can also be supplied to the marijuana seeds if necessary. Potency is also assured if the grower will be able to supply the seeds with the right amount of nutrients needed during vegetative and flowering stage.

The basement is the best location for growing weed seeds indoors. Since temperature and humidity in it are easily kept constant. Walls can be backed with soil to serve as insulation as well. However, a grower must select the type of cannabis seed that has shorter plant height as this could be a problem due to limited room space.

Most growers prefer the Indica type of seed as this has the characteristics of a marijuana suited best for indoors. As indica type of seeds are seeds that has shorter in terms of plant height but has fluffier bush. It is recommended to have this type of weed seeds grow separately as their bushes grow fluffier.Indica type of pot seeds also matures more quickly compared to its counterpart Cannabis Sativa which takes a long time for it to completely mature.

What are the Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis Indoors?

One of the main disadvantages of growing pot seeds indoors is the expense and maintenance cost associated in helping your weed seeds successfully transition to a marijuana plant. Artificial light setup and ventilation systems consume energy which will add up to your monthly utility bill for electricity. These resources consume energy depending on the number of plants you wanted to cultivate. Also, limited space and room availability can be considered as one of the disadvantages if growing indoors. Both indoor and outdoor growing has its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the grower on how to deal with these in order for them to achieve their goals.

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